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I first met Marina when she helped me with an excruciating pain in my shoulder. Marina was able to heal the pain after only a couple of sessions. I then revisited Marina when I was pregnant and she supported me through the final weeks of pregnancy. She is a fantastic therapist and I have complete faith and trust in the treatment that she provides
Awen Duggin, North London

I started seeing Marina after 18 months of 'trying' to fall pregnant... She took the time to understand not just my fertility problems but my whole well being. I started a course of herbs and acupuncture and could feel the benefit almost straight away - my stress was relieved, my body was 'warmer' and nurtured and I became more aware of my cycle. Thankfully a few months later my husband and I fell pregnant! I continued to see Marina right through my pregnancy. Her treatments helped me cope with the nausea, insomnia, moods and aches of pregnancy and then when my little one was due, she helped with treatments focused on 'ripening my cervix'. I even used some of her acupressure tips to manage the pain of labour! Needless to say, I feel that Marina played an important role in keeping my lovely baby and I healthy right the way through my much wanted pregnancy.
Natalie Burrows, N8

A bit of history from me. I was diagnosed with Bilateral Hydrosalpinx (i.e. fluid blocking both fallopian tubes). IVF was the only way for me and my husband to get pregnant. After 1 abandoned and 2 failed IVF cycles, i started looking into other options to help me get the pregnancy i have always been praying for. 1 was booking an IVF specialist who specializes in immune testing, as on the 2 cycles that had failed, i started bleeding quite early on in the 2 week wait (day 5 to be exact) and the other was to look for an acupuncturist who not only specializes in infertility and IVF but someone who understands auto-immune disease/immune issues which i was diagnosed to have and why i was unable to conceive even with IVF.

The immune doctor that i was seeing said my body was attacking the embryo/s implanted (Natural Killer (NK) cells) as my body was seeing it as a foreign body and that the early bleeding could be the cause of my NK cells producing antibodies to progesterone, hence the bleed. I needed someone who could understand this and would be able to tailor my complimentary treatment with the issues i had and the extra medication that i was taking. This is when i met Marina who is very knowledgeable on immune issues in infertility and who i believe played a big part in getting us pregnant.

I was seen around 3 months before my IVF cycle started (September 2008) to prepare my uterus and well being before i started my IVF cycle (January 2009) and had weekly sessions thoughout my IVF cycle until Embryo Transfer in April 2009. I tested positive in May 2009.

I was treated in her Haringey practice and the ambiance of her clinic was so relaxing and warm. Marina took my medical history on the initial consultation and put a few needles in me. On the next session and the ones after that, you could tell she had worked on my treatment plan and researched on the best way forward as we would always start each session with a one to one and discuss how i felt, where i was in my IVF treatment and also discussed what she thought we should do. Marina would also email me with printed information on various things that would improve my chances Everything was done in agreement with me and to be honest, she is so genuine and knowledgeable that i trusted her with anything she thought was best.

To cut the whole story short i got pregnant! Out of the 3 eggs that fertilised, only 2 embryos were suitable to be transferred (so the odds of this cycle working was really slim), they both stuck and we were blessed with twins who are now 2 and a half years old!

I really believe that had i not considered accupunture and had i not met Marina, i would still be on that so called infertility journey. She is one of the reasons why my my family is now complete and why our life is now full of joy and happiness. I couldn't thank her enough.

P.S. I have an IVF diary on the cycle i did immune treatment and accupuncture with Marina; if you would like to read it (contact me via Marina - for Marina's clients only).

J.M., North London

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